Total Live-in Care, LLC - A Personal in-home CareGiver Service
Our primary responsibility is always focused on the health and well-being of our clients.  We are a family owned and operated company committed to meeting the needs of your loved one.  Communication between client, caregivers, family and agency is essential to good service being given and proper results being achieved. 

Toni Milligan and Erika Peck

Why choose us?
  • We are a small local and family owned company
  • We provide one on one care for your loved one
  • We personally interview each and every caregiver, conduct a background check, verify references and driving record
  • We strive to have the same rotating caregivers time after time
  • We offer competitive pricing and often are lower than most of our competitors
  • We pay our caregivers more therefore there is more incentive for the caregiver to be long lasting

We serve both  Colorado and matter where you are, we send caregivers to your home, assisted living facility, hospital or rehab/recovery center.

Erika Peck
Total Live-in Care 
Denver, Colorado
Serving Denver and its surrounding areas
Tel: 720.350.4859

Erika Peck, prior to launching TLC in Denver, Colorado in 2008, she worked in the Louisiana office as both an office coordinator and a caregiver for 5 years.  With 9 years in care giving experience,  she understands what it takes to be a dependable and compassionate caregiver better equipping her to place caregivers and thus having less turn over.  Erika loves to help others and feels as you age you have earned the right to stay in your own home.                                                              

Toni Milligan, LPN
Total Live-in Care 
Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Serving the state of Louisiana
Tel: 225.791.5307

Toni Milligan, LPN, has been the owner/operator of TLC since 2010.  She is the caregiver coordinator and is responsible for working in the office as well as meeting with clients and their families to run a quality assessment of the care to be needed.  Toni is compassionate and does her best to individually place the best quality experienced caregiver into your home.

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